Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 8

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Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 7

Page 1 – WhatsApp Chat Post Flight
Page 2 – The Joys of Being a Manager
Page 3 – Missing Rave Reviews
Page 4 – Ven’s Witness Statement
Page 5 – Finale Ven’s Witness Statement

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 9 (TBA)

Missing Rave Reviews

You may recall me speaking about Rave Reviews in an earlier chapter of my blog. These were introduced some years ago so that any crew member could write a short review on another crew member on the flight. You can refer back to the page here.

Some weeks after publishing that chapter I received a message from a crew member who had been working in the Cabin Crew Check-In area whilst on a ground placement.

He said one of his duties was to go through the huge amount of lost property that was returned to crew check-in (things left on the aircraft by cabin crew).

He said “I came across a clear plastic file with Performance Monitoring paperwork that belongs to you. Having read your blog and seen you were told your Rave Review forms had been shredded, well they haven’t, they’re right here in my hand!”

Attached to his message was this photo;

Rave Review form completed on me by four Economy crew members
IFS = Flight Manager

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. A cabin crew manager told me he’d personally shredded the entire stack of forms yet I was now being told they had been found in the lost property cupboard.

When I received the folder a few days later it contained eighteen Rave Review forms plus many copies of Upward Feedback forms. These were my copies of performance feedback that had been completed on me by Pursers. It wasn’t the stack of Rave Reviews that had been shredded.

Prior to the introduction of iPads Performance Monitoring was completed on paper. Each Purser (1 in Economy, 1 in First Class) had to complete upward performance feedback on the Flight Manager on every flight. The top copy was returned to the office, we retained the bottom copy.

The copies in the folder went back to 2004. The most recent was 2013 meaning that was about the time I left the folder onboard.

I asked a few times at Cabin Crew Check-In whether it had been handed in but was told it hadn’t come back to them. So for eight years it had been laying in the lost property cupboard. Each form which documented confidential information about my performance contained my full name, employee number and my manager’s name. Any crew member who had lost something could go to the lost property cupboard.

Copies of performance management have always been sent to a crew member’s manager. Crew manager Lana however doesn’t seem to be aware of that.

Upon being returned to Cabin Crew Check-In someone just needed to let me know the folder was there. It could also have been put in my dropfile (pigeon hole) or be forwarded to my manager. It should never have been put in lost property.


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