Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 5

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Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 4

Page 1 – Bart’s Performance Appraisal
Page 2 – Bart’s Response
Page 3 – Bart’s Response (cont.)
Page 4 – Behaviour/Conduct in Atlanta
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Page 6 – My Behaviour in Atlanta 1
Page 7 – Bart’s Complaint Finale

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 6

Finale of Bart’s Complaint

(Bart) Laurence opening PA was over five minutes long, again, not effective or concise. I now felt I was walking on eggshells with Laurence watching my every move. It demotivated me further knowing however hard I tried, I would not live up to Laurence expectations. I decided to do what I do best and interact with the customers. I spoke extensively to Jason (15K) and Mark (16K) who owned a restaurant and where visiting London. We discussed the on board wines and they jokingly asked if I could come and serve them at their air bnb! This was witnessed by Purser Katrina. Bullying; overbearing supervision.

(Laurence) Regarding my opening P.A please refer to my after take off announcement which has been submitted as evidence. Furthermore has Bart ever tried talking for FIVE minutes?  Does he really understand how long that is?

Yet again he refers to his customers by their first names which is surprising considering I have rarely ever heard a crew member address a First Class customer in this way. Now I’ve flown with someone who has been asked by many customers over two sectors to be addressed by their first name, if Bart is to be believed.

On our flight home I worked alongside Bart throughout the flight. Not ONCE did I hear him address a customer using their first OR last name.  Delivering exceptional customer service is something I take huge pride in. A Voice of Customer comment from one of my recent flights said “the flight manager delivered excellent customer service”.  I’m sure you can trace that comment.

I am always aware of the standard of service being delivered by the crew. I often observe them from afar because it’s often me who’s completing their performance feedback. I can’t do that accurately unless I know how they’ve worked. This is confirmed in the report that I wrote on Bart which states I was observing him from across the aisle (whilst he was doing afternoon tea in the Premium cabin).

Had I heard him use a customer’s name even once I would have picked up on it.  It’s something I always try to encourage the crew to do.

Bart fails to state that we spoke quite a lot after take off because I was making his after take-off drinks up at the bar area.  Had I disliked him I could have made up drinks for Lottie or Claire and Katrina could have prepared drinks for Bart.

From evidence I submitted to the company. OBM – onboard manager. J Cabin – First Class. C.R – Customer Relations

When I addressed the issue of writing first names on his aisle order sheet Bart didn’t tell me he asked customers for their name and how they would like to be addressed. I assumed he had copied names onto his sheet from his iPad which is the norm.

(from the appraisal) Our flight home to London was full. In First Class every single customer had a three course dinner with many then having cheese/biscuits so the service was extremely busy.  Everyone then also wanted to be woken for breakfast less than three hours later.

Shortly before landing a top flying club customer came to speak with me at the bar area. He told me Bart had woken him for breakfast and converted his bed but had not gone back to serve him.

When I asked Bart why this customer had been missed out he told me he had been serving people from the front, Katrina (Purser) had been serving people from the back. He didn’t appear to be apologetic and didn’t go back and apologise personally to the customer.

Katrina told me she had only served the back three rows so hadn’t gotten anywhere near seat 8K.  I compensated this customer to apologise for what had taken place and advised him he could use the Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow.

When I spoke to Bart about how he did the service he told me he first woke everyone up on his side who was having breakfast. He then started serving from the front of the cabin.  I explained that’s not how we do the service.

(Bart) Bullying; overbearing supervision.

This is not correct. I had a full cabin, with all passengers wanting to be woken up for breakfast. I was aware that not all of the A seats or G seats were wanting breakfast.

(Laurence) Lottie, Claire and Katrina (Purser) will confirm almost every customer in the entire cabin was woken for breakfast.  In fact I stated to someone but don’t recall who, that I had never in all my years seen such a busy and bright cabin during the breakfast service on a flight that landed so early.

I was amazed everyone was awake, back in their seat and having breakfast yet it was only about 05:30.  We’d finished the dinner service less than three hours earlier. I have evidence to support the time we finished serving dinner.

The evidence I refer to are photos I took of Mia holding two Christmas dinners. The photos show they were taken at 20:08.

(Bart) I spoke to Katrina (Purser) and said I was going to need help as I had a lot of people to serve. I had woken up 3 passengers already. Katrina suggested I continue through the cabin and wake up all the passengers. She would begin to serve the passengers from 17K downwards and I could start serving from 2K upwards. By the time we met, other crew may be free to assist. I woke up all passengers and began serving form 2K, knowing that Katrina was serving from 17K. We were soon joined by Claire who was serving the middle passengers. Upon taking orders, I had instructed passengers to complete their breakfast card and hand it to me, or leave it on the ottoman. The passenger in 8K, XXX (customer’s surname), did not submit his breakfast card and with three crew serving, this is how he was missed. Laurence as FM is running the service in First Class and so if a passenger is missed, has equal responsibility for making sure everybody has been served.

(Laurence) This is just another lie. I have written proof which backs up that what Bart is saying here is not true.  After landing from this flight I WhatsApp’d a friend who’s also a Flight Manager. In our conversation I told him what happened during the breakfast service and why it all went wrong.  That text will further confirm that Bart is a pathological liar. The WhatsApp message is dated Wednesday 26th December 19:06.  It has been submitted as evidence.

I will now explain what really happened during this service.  Bart didn’t speak with Katrina to ask for help and I’m certain had he done so, she wouldn’t have told him to wake all his passengers up and to then go back and start serving them.

Two crew serving 17 passengers is plenty! Bart says “we were soon joined by Claire”. So he claims three of them were now serving 17 passengers yet one customer still managed to be missed out. That passenger was sat in his seat with his table out waiting to be served.

Between Katrina and Claire they have sixty years of flying experience, Bart has eleven months!

Claire did not help him with breakfast because it wasn’t necessary and she was busy with her own passengers. She says nothing about helping him in her witness statement nor does Lottie.

From Lottie’s witness statement

The Flight Manager is required as per the Service Procedures Manual to do breakfast in the Premium cabin. Therefore I am not running the service in First Class as Bart states. I don’t run the service at any time in the cabin, the Purser does that. I oversee the service to ensure it’s being run as it should.

This confirms yet again how little understanding he has of the service and what Onboard Managers do. Please don’t forget Bart has stated he has looked “in depth through the Service Procedures Manual”.

Whenever I returned to the galley I had a quick look into First to see how they were doing. Having seen Bart was way behind Lottie and Claire I asked Katrina to leave what she was doing and to help him serve in aisle instead. I asked her to start serving from the back and work forwards to meet Bart.

What happened in relation to the customer being missed out is documented in Bart’s appraisal. Having been told by the customer himself that he’d been missed out, I asked Bart what happened. He told me “Katrina had been serving from the back of the cabin which is obviously why he’d been missed.”

When Katrina joined Bart and I whilst we were talking she said she had only served the last three rows which is what I’ve written in Bart’s appraisal. The back three rows are 17, 16, 15.  This customer was in 8K.

Lottie and Claire were also working an aisle position so had the same number of customers as Bart. Depending on the flight being operated you can often find every customer in your section wants breakfast. It happens quite often and the vast majority of crew manage without needing help.

A crew member would never ever ever ever say to the Purser “I’m going to need help because I have a lot of people to serve”. Remember they or the Flight Manager will be writing an anonymous assessment on you and have to score your performance and ability. Furthermore Bart has stated he has worked in this cabin many times before including the galley.

Despite asking the company to confirm whether Bart had worked in this cabin before, they never did.

Apart from it being the responsibility of each aisle crew member to serve all customers on their side, asking such a question would make them look pretty incompetent.

There really is nobody available to help because everyone is busy with their own duties. The Purser tends to help in and around the galley. They replenish tea/coffee pots and keep the breakfast trolley/clearing-in station replenished and organised. They will often then serve the flight crew who must eat before the seatbelt signs go on for landing.

Of course they would help in the aisles where possible but certainly wouldn’t help a crew member purely because they have a “lot of people to serve”. When all passengers are having breakfast everyone is very busy. Katrina stopped what she was doing in order to help Bart serve in the aisle.

Instead of taking responsibility for his own failings Bart continually blames others for his utter incompetence. On this occasion he blames Katrina by saying she told him to wake everyone up.

What a vile nasty and pathetic ignoramus he is. And to think he was a police officer for eight years.

(Laurence) Bart stated he has worked in First several times therefore he should be familiar with how the service is carried out.  Irrespective of how and when customers were woken up, once everyone has been served the crew usually walk around clearing in any remaining service items and check nobody has been missed or has recently woken up and wants breakfast.

Common sense should tell you if you see someone sat in their seat with nothing in front of them, you either check whether someone has cleared them away or ask if they want or have already had breakfast.

Bart repeatedly claims to have exceptional customer relations skills and interacts with every single one of his customers by using their first name. Despite that, it never occurred to him to check whether the customer who was missed out had been served breakfast or not.

I find that odd considering this customer told me Bart woke him up and converted his bed but then didn’t go back. So he was sitting in his seat with nothing in front of him waiting to be served.

Bart was the only crew member serving the K seats and as I’m sure Katrina will confirm, she only served the last three rows.

Bart states “Laurence as Flight Manager is running the service in First Class and so if a passenger is missed, has equal responsibility for making sure everybody has been served.”  I was not running the service, that was Katrina’s job. I was generally leaving it up to her as much as I possibly could.  The Flight Manager is not even in this cabin during the breakfast service.

(Bart) I was apologetic and tried to explain what had happened, but it was too little too late. Katrina apologised to the passenger as appropriate from a manager in this instance.

(Laurence) Katrina who was present when I spoke to Bart about this matter will confirm no apology was made by Bart and no offer was made to serve the customer breakfast.  After having apologised to him myself and offered to get him breakfast, Katrina did exactly the same a short while later.

After the seat belt signs had been switched on for landing I asked Katrina to go and speak with him again. I wanted him to know I was awarding him airmiles as an apology.  I asked her to do that because by this time I was extremely busy and there wasn’t much time left. I had already spoken with the customer at length.

He was happy with the gesture. I phoned Customer Relations a few days later on my days off from home to get an account opened in his name. I asked them to credit the miles and explained my reasons for awarding them.

We are unable to credit miles to his existing account because the account was with a partner airline. For this reason a (airline name) account had to be opened.

(Bart) I am sorry that a passenger got missed as I have great attention to detail, but as stated, it was a busy service and mistakes can happen. This was just an error but one of many in Laurence eyes by me. Bullying; overbearing supervision.

(from the appraisal) Bart is relatively new to the company and I appreciate there’s a lot to take in especially with having to work in three cabins. The best way to learn is to ask questions and to work regularly in each cabin to stay familiar with the services.

The company have high expectations of cabin crew and the service we deliver.  Working in First in particular involves more than taking orders, putting things down, then clearing them away.  We also need to have good product knowledge and be able to deliver an outstanding level of service which includes using our personalities to ensure people leave with great memories.

(Bart) As I delivered and can evidence from both sectors. Bullying; derogatory comments regarding my performance.

(from the appraisal) Personally I didn’t find Bart to be particularly friendly, not towards me anyway.  He didn’t say hello when he came down to check out in Atlanta, didn’t say goodbye before leaving the aircraft at LHR or when getting off the bus in the car park despite me sitting right in front of him.

(Bart) Not correct as explained above, however, I did not want to speak to Laurence once the flight was over. He also made no effort to speak to me.

(from the appraisal) In fact we spoke very little on both sectors despite working in close proximity to each other.  I didn’t see him spend any significant time with any one customer on the inbound sector other than when he was taking orders.

(Bart) Not correct as evidenced. Bullying; derogatory comments regarding my performance

(from the appraisal) Part of the reason people choose to fly with us over other airlines is because of the cabin crew. It’s what sets us apart from other airlines. For that reason we try to employ people with great personalities who also have the potential to deliver outstanding customer service.

(Bart) Bart clearly demonstrated those skills during his interview but now needs to follow them through. This statement shows how little Laurence thinks of me, but a review of my on board performance review speaks volumes to the contrary. This statement is bullying and not true. Bullying; inappropriate / derogatory comments about my performance.

(from the appraisal) When working at the front he must remember to check on the flight crew regularly and to also go in occasionally.  As well as engaging with customers (irrespective of which cabin he’s working in), he also needs to build a rapport with his colleagues and that includes OBMs (onboard managers).

(Bart) I did go into the flight deck, as I served them their food, but was busy on both sectors. As demonstrated by my reviews, I have never had an issue with other colleagues or OBM. Laurence clearly had an issue with me from the start. Bullying; inappropriate / derogatory comments about my performance.

(Laurence) Bart says he served the flight crew their food which isn’t true. On the outbound sector he was working in a full Premium cabin so wouldn’t have had time to serve them. On the inbound flight he didn’t serve them either because he struggled to keep up with the service and was involved in duties in the cabin for some time after the service finished.

I don’t recall who served the flight crew dinner but I cleared their trays away and served them dessert. Evidence of this has been provided.

That only leaves breakfast and there’s no way Bart could have served that.

I’m sure contact with the Captain and First Officer will confirm how often Bart went in to see them.  The photo they both have of us all in the hotel lobby will remind them of who he is.

The following screenshot includes points taken from the Captain and First Officer’s witness statements.


(from the appraisal) Bart asked me to do a screen reset (resetting an entertainment screen when it’s not working properly) during the early part of the inbound flight. He said he didn’t know how to do it.  He was shown by another crew member. If he’s unsure how to do something he should ask to be shown, that’s how you learn.

(Bart) This statement is contradictory. I asked Laurence as I believed it would show him I would like to learn something from him.  Instead he asked Katrina to show me, and when I watch I remembered how to do it anyway.

(from the appraisal) Bart comes across as confident and relaxed in his role but needs to be giving a great deal more in order to achieve the standard of service that is expected of him.

(Bart) Demonstrated by my reviews Bullying; inappropriate / derogatory comments about my performance.

(Laurence) Strangely Bart states my statement is contradictory but it’s HIS that’s contradictory. He says “I asked Laurence as I believed it would show him I would like to learn something from him.”  That confirms as I have just said, that he asked me to do a screen reset for him. He then says, “Instead he (Laurence) asked Katrina to show me, and when I watched I remembered how to do it anyway”.

I did not ask Katrina to show him.  Bart asked me whilst I was busy doing something at the bar whether I would do a screen reset for him.  I asked whether he knew how to do it to which he replied no.  Katrina who was next to me at the bar interjected and said “come with me I’ll show you how to do it”.

I’m sure if you ask Katrina specifically about this incident she will confirm this.

Considering Bart has stated I ignored him at check-in at Heathrow, bullied him throughout the outbound flight, ignored him throughout our stay in Atlanta and offended him on the bus to the airport, he’s now claiming he asked me to reset an entertainment screen (or wanted me to show him how to do it) because he believed it would show he would like to learn something from me.

Surely with everything I had allegedly put him through it would have been sensible to avoid any unnecessary interaction. I’m sure he learnt how to avoid confrontation whilst being in the police.

He could have asked Claire, Katrina, Lottie or even Ven who was working in the Premium cabin but instead asked me.

(from the appraisal) When going to/returning from crew rest he should not walk through the cabin without wearing a tie because he’s in full view of customers until he enters the Crew Rest Area.

(Bart) A fair point but I came back 10 minutes early to ensure I was ready on time for the next crew to go on break. I will wear my tie from now on. As a stand alone statement this would be acceptable feedback, however in the context of this email, this is further bullying. Bullying; inappropriate / derogatory comments about my performance.


(from the appraisal) When I did my walkaround prior to landing I opened two window blinds at the back of his cabin that were obstructed by pillows.  The two windows were immediately forwards of the exit.  I also removed items from several ottomans.

(Bart) I asked Laurence to assist me with a manual bed conversion, and he commented that I had put the bedding away correctly as others do not. This statement is contradictory. If I missed something I apologise. The walkaround is to ensure that nothing has been missed. Passengers may also have moved items after I had secured. As a stand alone statement this would be acceptable feedback, however in the context of this email, this is further bullying. Bullying; inappropriate / derogatory comments about my performance.

(Laurence) This statement from Bart is interesting.  He asked me to help him manually convert a First Class bed back to seat position shortly after the breakfast service. So despite everything he has accused me of including bullying, harassment, overbearing supervision, inappropriate touching of him, his fiancee and other members of crew, he then approaches me for a second time on this sector to ask for my help.

As the seat belt signs were about to be switched on there were many crew in the cabin he could have asked. Ven from Premium was sitting with Katrina at the bar, Claire and Lottie were also in the cabin.

I remember the incident clearly because between the two of us it was a struggle to convert the seat. Whilst I don’t remember commenting that Bart had put the bedding away correctly, it’s something I would have said.

We are repeatedly being reminded by the safety department not to put bedding behind the seat because it obstructs decompression grilles. Flight managers have been asked to complete a “Safety Occurrence Report” if this keeps happening. I have just completed one on 4th March 2019. Many crew are still pushing bedding behind the seats.

I remind crew in the pre-flight briefing that duvets should be placed in overhead lockers and not on top of the grilles.  Clearly Bart did that and I commented on it.

Considering how much I apparently disliked him and had been so vile towards him, I’m not sure why I would have bothered. What he did is exactly what he’s been trained to do as a crew member.

Customers do sometimes move things after the crew have secured the cabin for landing but window blinds are rarely closed after being opened. Not only is it impossible to do that whilst sitting in the seat with your seatbelt fastened but we were landing at 7am. Sunrise was 08:07 so it was still dark outside.

Customers in this cabin can’t open the window blind whilst secured in their seat because the window is behind the seat. These First Class seats face the aisle.

Bart apologises if he’s missed something and states he is used to working in First Class. He says he has “great attention to detail”.

(from the appraisal) I hope he takes on board what has been said. To help him I’ve written a detailed guide of what needs to be done when working in First Class.  I hope he finds it useful.

I feel there’s plenty of room for improvement and whilst nobody expects a relatively new crew member to learn everything in a few months, Bart should definitely be showing a little more potential at this stage.

(Bart) Last line shows Laurence’ distain towards me and the opposite is show in my performance reviews. I scored 10s on both sectors as (Katrina working up as Purser) saw how I actually worked and not how Laurence viewed things. Laurence did not allocate roles on the ipad so no crew member could score him. I am sure this is a deliberate thing and something he has done before. Please can you clarify if he was scored? Bullying; inappropriate / derogatory comments about my performance.

The word is “disdain”. Regarding working positions not being entered into my iPad, it was Ven who shared this inaccurate information with Bart. Bart was told by crew manager Lana this allegation was being removed because it was “unjustified”.

Had ‘roles’ (the correct terminology is working positions) not been entered into the master iPad which is mine, Katrina would not have been able to give him 10s in his review for both sectors. I also received upward feedback from Katrina and Claire. Both gave me 10s too.

(Laurence) Since putting the Cheat Sheet together for Bart I offer it to new crew who are working in First. It’s a great tool to remind them what needs to be done from the second they board until they disembark.

There’s nothing wrong with having reminders to ensure nothing is forgotten. My iPad is full of them for each aircraft type and I use them every flight without fail. I’ve been in rank for 19 years.

Bart has been in the company for less than a year, has never flown before and made countless mistakes. Yet he takes offense at being given some reminders which may help him to develop and grow in his role.

His performance review was done by Katrina on both sectors. If she deems him to be 10/10 that’s fair enough, that’s her opinion and different onboard managers will see things differently. This is why the company ask the Purser and Flight Manager to chat with each other before performance monitoring is completed.

Although Katrina and I chatted at length about her performance because she was working up in a supervisory role, we didn’t talk about the performance of the other crew. With everything else going on it slipped my mind that she was doing their performance reviews.

Bart included a copy of the Cheat Sheet I wrote for him and then said;

(Bart) Excessive, long winded and not followed by Laurence as other crew members commented on his laying up (Lottie). Had I followed the actions suggested by Laurence, the service would not have been delivered efficiently and I would not have delivered the service level our customers expect and that I regularly display.

(Laurence) Bart states like my P.A’s my Cheat Sheet is long winded.  Unfortunately that is the way the service should be delivered according to the Service Procedures Manual.  If Bart feels it’s long winded then he really needs to talk with the Service Procedures department.

Quite what he means by “not followed by Laurence as other crew members commented on” I don’t know but I’m sure Lottie will provide further details.

Remember this was me responding to Bart’s complaint. Therefore the investigation was at a very early stage and no witness statements had been requested from the crew. What this comment tells me however was that many of the crew including Lottie were talking about me on this flight behind my back.

He goes on to say had he followed the actions I have suggested the service would not have been delivered efficiently.  Therefore I take it Bart is saying he is not prepared to follow the procedures as laid down in the Service Procedures Manual because they are not efficient and will not result in a service level our customers expect.

My Cheat Sheet is how I deliver the service on every flight and I expect the crew to deliver it in the same way.  If I am doing something wrong I hope someone will offer me guidance either verbally or in my anonymous upward feedback.

(from the appraisal) Bart, I am more than happy for you to contact me should you wish to discuss anything.  I did not do your performance monitoring, that was done by Katrina who worked up.  I did not discuss your performance with her.

(Bart) Bullying; discussed with other crew.

(from the appraisal) I would have liked to have spoken with you more about your performance whilst on board but unfortunately both flights were exceptionally busy.

(Bart) Poor excuse to not execute the role of FM properly and blame others. The first flight was not busy.

Bart’s right, the first flight was not busy. That was my mistake. I should have said the inbound flight was exceptionally busy. On the outbound flight I found Bart to aloof and unfriendly and with it being Christmas Eve I didn’t want to start addressing matters regarding his attitude. I was aware we were all going to be having dinner together that evening.

(Laurence) At the end of the outbound sector I really didn’t have anything to discuss with Bart. I had already spoken to him about taking orders on the ground, I had also spoken to him about only writing down customers’ surnames.  Although I had noted his lack of interaction with customers in Premium during the afternoon tea service and the way he ignored me when I asked him to clear the cabin, I did not feel it warranted me sitting down to talk with him about this. It was Christmas Eve and we were coming to the end of a very long day.

(from the appraisal) I look forward to flying with you again at some point in the future.

Laurence – Flight Manager

A job advert from the airline I spent almost 30 years of my life with

(Bart) This flight was over the Christmas period and so the days following were when I celebrated Christmas. Laurence decided to write this extensive review days after the flight, rather that address his concerns there and then, providing in the moment feedback, and giving me the opportunity to explain my actions and provide upwards feedback to Laurence.

(Laurence) My reasons for not sitting down to speak with Bart on the inbound sector was simply because there wasn’t time.  There were three hours between the dinner service and breakfast during which the crew had an hour and a half break in two shifts.

I didn’t take a break because I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the cabin without a trained Onboard Manager. I was therefore extremely tired.

I spent a great deal of time talking to Katrina about her performance and also with Lottie. I’d also spoken briefly with T who worked up as Purser in Economy. I spoke with every customer in First and many in Premium as I always do.

Having read Bart’s poisonous lies in this report, I am confident I absolutely made the right decision.  Bart can provide upward feedback on a Flight Manager at any time he chooses irrespective of whether they have written an appraisal on him or not.  

We landed on 26th December. On 27th I had Christmas with my dad. The report was written on 28th.

Considering everything Bart said about me including allegations of inappropriate touching, I’m surprised he didn’t contact his manager before his next flight. Afterall his fiancée did, she just forgot to mention anything about inappropriate touching, being ignored throughout the entire trip or the bullying that allegedly took place. She even forgot to mention the gay cartoon I showed in Atlanta on the bus to the airport.

(Bart) This long and excessive email and subsequent reply have taken up my spare time and energy, and left me feeling deflated and unmotivated. I discussed this with my on board supervisors on my next flight, who were understanding and as such I was able to pick myself up, and return to my usual high standards. I scored 10s on both sectors.

(Laurence) Once again Bart refers to my email as long and excessive.  I refer to it as a detailed and constructive review of someone who was not performing to standard.

With regards to him “discussing this with his onboard supervisors on his next flight”, he should know after being in the company for eleven months that if he has something to discuss regarding his performance and especially regarding the performance of a Flight Manager, he should speak with his crew manager.

(Bart) I feel that from the start Laurence took an instant dislike towards me, and I could not recover. I find him to be inflexible, and robotic, only wanting things done his way, or face the wrath of a long winded email. I am open to feedback but to include my manager in manner, which he did, was an underhanded tactic. This could have seriously damaged my reputation, average scores and promotion aspirations in the future.

(Laurence) Whenever I write a review on someone whether it be on the aircraft or from home, I always include their manager. That’s not an underhanded tactic but something we’re required to do as Onboard Managers. Every report I have ever written has been copied to the crew member’s manager.

(Bart) I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I think it is unnecessarily wrong, but given the length of the review and the inaccuracies present, I felt I had no choice but to answer each point with accurate facts.

I trust that this will be dealt with an appropriate manner and Laurence dealt with by an appropriate sanction.

(Laurence) Bart is so confident his version of events will be believed that he closes by stating that he trusts this will be dealt with in an appropriate manner and that I will be dealt with by an appropriate sanction. 

It should be remembered he has been in the company for less than twelve months, I have been with the company for almost thirty years. I have an unblemished record and am proud to say I’m a high performing Flight Manager and always have been.  I have never had a single bad word written about me from a crew member or onboard manager which my file will confirm.

As we now know, this complaint let to me losing my job. Bart remained in the company for six years two of which were during Covid-19. He then left.

(Bart) I believe the below are demonstrated by Laurance towards me in relation to the bullying and harassment policy;

(Laurence) Bart states numerous times he has great attention to detail yet his report is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. He also states on his LinkedIn page that he’s “Educated to Masters Degree level”.

Whilst it’s not my intention to be pedantic I wish to demonstrate in addition to the reasons stated in my report, why Bart is not correct when he says he has “great attention to detail.”  

(Bart) Bullying;

  • overbearing and intimidating levels of supervision
  • abuse of authority or power by those in positions of seniority
  • derogatory remarks regarding my performance.


  • Unwanted physical touching
  • Deliberately excluding staff
  • offensive and intimidating comments
  • displaying pornographic material (video clips)

Since the incident;

I have felt unmotivated and have not worked in the first class cabin since, aside from one flight in the galley.

I am in constant apprehension of bumping into Laurence at crew check in.

I am also afraid if I get called for standby or swap onto a trip, that Laurence will be the FM.

I am intimidated by Lawrance and do not wish to fly with him again. 

Below is a list of all crew members on the flight. I fully believe it is worth approaching all of the crew in order to obtain their opinion of the flight in general, and specifically Laurence behavior in general and specifically towards me.

Thank you for the time you have taken in relation to this complaint, and the actions taken so far and in the future.

Kind Regards,


The following screenshot comes from a “bullying” website that appears on page one of Google when you search for examples of bullying.


This screenshot comes from Bart’s complaint.


Bart uses the words ridiculing, demeaning, overbearing supervision, inappropriate/derogatory comments about my performance, abuse of power and excluding staff throughout his complaint.

When asked in his witness statement if he observed any communication between Bart and me Ven replies “unfortunately I did not witness this directly”. In response to another questions he says “the relationship observed seemed that Bart may have been singled out by Lawrence. Lawrence seem to always pull Bart up.”

In Anna’s witness statement she says Lottie told her I was picking on Bart. In Lottie’s statement she says she saw no unusual behaviour between Bart and I. That was repeated by Katrina, Claire and also Peter.

T, Lottie, Claire and Katrina all confirm they did not see Bart and I talking alone at any time.

Mia states she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Later in her statement when asked about the relationship between Bart and me she says “I didn’t work at the front so was unaware of this”. She seems to have forgotten she worked alongside Bart for about an hour during the dinner service on the inbound flight.

In a later question she replied once again “I wasn’t working in First Class”. Yet to another question regarding Bart’s ability she says “Bart was a lovely guy to work with, he was always smiley and professional with the passengers and crew.”

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