Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 5

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Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 4

Page 1 – Bart’s Performance Appraisal
Page 2 – Bart’s Response
Page 3 – Bart’s Response (cont.)
Page 4 – Behaviour/Conduct in Atlanta
Page 5 – Adult Content
Page 6 – My Behaviour in Atlanta 1
Page 7 – Bart’s Complaint Finale

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 6

My Behaviour/Conduct in Atlanta

(Bart) Down route behaviour

As stated, I did not have a good rapport with Laurence from the outbound flight, but as this was a Christmas trip, I wanted to rise above it and have a nice trip. A crew member asked if Laurence was coming down for the drinks / food that had been put on by the hotel, to which he replied, “I’m going for a tommy tank first”. I know what this means and don’t feel that it is appropriate language to use as a manager, joking of otherwise. (Witnessed by Anna, Mia plus companion) Harassment; Unwelcome sexually suggestive behaviour.

(Laurence) I can honestly say when I first heard the word “tommy tank” during my initial phone conversation with Lana (cabin crew manager who conducted the first investigation) I had no idea what it meant. It took some time for the penny to drop as she will confirm.

It’s a phrase I’ve never used in my life. I have no recollection of saying I’m going for a tommy tank first but if Bart says it was witnessed by Anna and Mia I’m sure they’ll confirm that in their statements.

At this time witness statements had not yet been requested from the crew. I had no idea Anna and Bart were engaged or that Anna, Mia and T were good friends.

If a crew member asked me this question it could only have been after arriving at the hotel whilst waiting for our keys. In reality I didn’t speak to Anna, Bart or Mia whilst in the hotel lobby other than to say “see you guys later” before going up to my room.

IF and it’s a really big IF I did say that, then it would have been because I had heard someone else say it and was repeating it because I found it funny.

We’re all adults so if something I said was taken the wrong way all the offended person needs to do is talk to me. If they’re not comfortable doing that themself they can speak to one of the Pursers, the Captain or First Officer.

“Tommy tank” is cockney rhyming slang for something a man may do whilst aroused. “Tank” rhymes with a word beginning with W.

Throughout my blog I’ve referred to the crew member who worked up as Economy Purser as T. I didn’t give him a pseudonym because I knew I’d have to use his real name at some point. It’s necessary because his name is Tommy.

The following comes from the outcome of my appeal dealt with by the Head of Cabin Crew.

From appeal outcome document

The crew who claim to have heard me say this were Bart, Anna and Mia.

From Anna’s witness statement

What she says about OBM’s (on-board managers) being included and that she would never leave anyone out is just in her twisted deluded mind. I was not invited for pre-dinner drinks with Anna, Bart etc in T’s room.

You’ll notice Anna says “I went out of my way to talk to and invite FM….” It should be remembered she was working at the opposite end of the aircraft to me. We’d had a very quiet and pleasant flight to Atlanta and the crew had been given a two hour rest break in the bunks.

I was totally unaware she knew Bart let alone they were engaged to be married. Now knowing how Bart felt about me after the outbound flight, do you really think his fiancée would have invited me for pre-dinner in Tommy’s room with her, Bart, Ven and several other crew members?

From Bart’s complaint

From Mia’s witness statement

The “free christmas drinks” Mia refers to was the open bar at the dinner laid on by the hotel. We arrived at 2pm, I went down for dinner at 6.30pm. At approximately 9pm the crew who were sitting with Bart and Anna on a separate table invited us to go with them to a Karaoke bar. That’s when Mia claims I made this comment. That’s seven hours after Bart and Anna claimed I said it and in a totally different setting.

Claire, Katrina, Lottie, the Captain and First Officer all of whom were sitting with me at dinner made no reference to this alleged comment in their statements.

I’d had one glass of wine and nothing else to drink. Mia had met in Tommy’s room for pre-dinner drinks with Anna, Bart and other members of the crew. She had also taken full advantage of the open bar at dinner as did the rest of them.

More than four months later when asked for a witness statement she remembered I allegedly made this comment.

I believe she was asked to say this in her witness statement by Bart or Anna but got confused about what she was supposed to say.

Here’s what really happened. On the bus from the airport in Atlanta to the hotel Tommy made the comment. He was sitting towards the back. I don’t recall what he was talking about but then I heard him say tommy tank and the crew all roared with laughter. I turned around and said “what’s a tommy tank?” but as soon as I said it I realised what it meant.

I’m sure you’re now beginning to understand just how devious and hateful Bart and Anna are. Ven comes a close second. Mia and Peter are just naive, easily led and don’t have many brain cells between them.

I want to return to Tommy and my alleged use of this phrase.

On the next page you’ll see four photos. They’re screenshots from a video that Tommy uploaded to his Instagram account. I’ve censored them for obvious reasons. If you feel you may be offended please jump straight to page 6. Just Click here.

There’s nothing other than these photos on the next page.

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