Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 6

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Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 5

Page 1 – Outcome of Lana’s Investigation
Page 2 – An Aircraft Called Emmeline Heaney
Page 3 – Profile of a Narcissist
Page 4 – Anna’s Witness Statement
Page 5 – Our Standards Policy

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 7

Our Standards Policy

I was told multiple times I was in breach of the Our Standards Policy;


I was also told that by sending Bart a performance appraisal by email I didn’t give consideration as to how he may feel when he read it.

Here’s what the Head of Cabin Crew said regarding this point;

PM – Anonymous performance monitoring completed on each crew member on company iPads. CSS – Cabin Service Supervisor

She says I gave him no warning or indication of the content or wording I used. How was I supposed to warn him about my wording?

There were 2,349 words in the performance review I wrote on Bart. The only two he found offensive were “quite why”. I said “quite why Bart had his aisle order sheet with him at this time I don’t know”.

Take a look at the next screenshot. I believe this was an indication of what was to come.


She then says I showed no consideration for his feelings and he felt the feedback was condescending. Is she saying I can’t write a constructive review about his performance because it may hurt his feelings?

Bart’s complaint and witness statements written by Anna and Ven were at no time deemed to be rude or offensive. More than three years after first seeing them I still find them difficult to read.

Their malicious lies had an enormous effect on my mental health. Bear in mind I had only been back at work since March and also lost my dad just two weeks after my flight with Bart.

I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me to return to work in March 2018. By December I was just beginning to settle back down into my role. Having to then deal with this grievance plus a second one before the first one had even been concluded, took me on a journey so dark it’s difficult to put into words.

All this from a company who I’d given twenty nine years of my life to and who claim they take mental health seriously.

I’ll never forget saying to the Head of Cabin Crew during my appeal meeting, “do you know how many men of my age commit suicide each year?”

Two weeks earlier she had asked for a second grievance be filed against me and for it to be dealt with as a final written warning. Bart’s grievance was also being treated as a final written warning.

Crew manager Hayley made multiple mistakes in the way she dealt with the disciplinary yet all were defended by the Head of Cabin Crew.

I made one mistake. That was not speaking with Bart about his entire performance although I had addressed several individual issues with him. I should also have told him I would be documenting what had been discussed.

This was an incredibly challenging flight at a time when I already had so much else on my mind.

From the time I checked in until the time we landed back at Heathrow I tried to do the best job that I could under very difficult circumstances. That still wasn’t enough.

I had no idea how Bart felt about me which is why I said in his review he didn’t say goodbye as he left the aircraft or when he got off the bus to the carpark. Crew always say goodbye to each other at the end of the flight. We’d just spent almost three days together.

Despite asking Hayley to be mindful about when she sent me the outcome of her investigation, I received it two hours after landing from the first (inaugural) flight to Tel Aviv. She therefore gave no consideration as to how I may feel when reading it.

Bart received his appraisal at 13.09 more than twenty four hours after landing home from our flight.

From my defence. HoC = Head of Cabin Crew

The Head of Cabin Crew told me I should have completed Bart’s performance monitoring on Katrina’s iPad. His review only shows up on the Upper Class Cabin Supervisor’s iPad. Alternatively I should have discussed his performance with her so that she could score him accordingly.

She had been in the company for a couple of months longer than him. She was not a trained CSS (cabin service supervisor) but was working up a rank.

The following screenshot comes from Bart’s complaint. Imagine if I had discussed his performance with Katrina or completed it on her iPad and then handed it back to her!

Does the Head of Cabin Crew understand the meaning of confidentiality? Oh silly me, of course she doesn’t, she shared intensely private information that I shared with her with six different managers.


Despite asking multiple times whether procedures had changed and it was no longer necessary to send a performance appraisal to a crew member’s manager, nobody ever gave me a response. That’s because it has always been and is still a requirement that a crew member’s manager be copied in on any feedback that may be written on them.

Most performance feedback however is now completed anonymously on company iPads.

In nineteen years of being an onboard manager we were never told to send performance issues to a crew member’s manager “for further discussion” (after speaking with the crew member).

The procedure has always been to first discuss any issues and then to document them in a performance review. It should then be copied to their manager. This is exactly what I did some weeks later when flying with another crew member. She had the same manager as Bart. She never replied to either of my mails.

I discussed several points with Bart during our flight together. It wasn’t possible for me do his “mandatory performance monitoring” because it only appeared on Katrina’s iPad. There was no time for me to write a detailed review during the inbound flight and I explained that in my defence.

The Head of Cabin Crew told me I should have discussed his performance with Katrina who was working up as Cabin Supervisor so she could mark him accordingly.

She also said I could have completed his review on her iPad. She had only been in the company a couple of months longer than Bart.

Whilst dealing with his complaint which ultimately cost me my job, I had to read and defend myself albeit unsuccessful from a diatribe written by three compulsive liars and two stupidly naive individuals.

Two managers and the Head of Cabin Crew then tell me I didn’t give consideration as to how Bart may feel when sending him a politely written constructive performance appraisal along with an extensive cheat sheet that I wrote because I believed it may help him.

As you can see from my blog, almost nothing said by Bart and Anna in their statements was supported by the crew members who worked alongside him and I in Upper Class. Very little of what Anna said was supported by anyone. The same goes for Ven who as I’ve stated previously has recently been promoted.

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