Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 7

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Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 6

Page 1 – A Royal Commendation
Page 1 – Lana’s Investigation Continued
Page 2 – More from Lana’s Investigation
Page 3 – Yet More from Lana’s Investigation
Page 4 – Almost Finished but not Quite
Page 5 – That’s It for This Chapter

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 8

A Royal Commendation

You may recall in the last chapter I briefly mentioned a Royal Commendation. On Bart’s LinkedIn profile he states whilst serving as a police officer he received this award.

Bart is a devious and hateful narcissist who’s also a compulsive liar. I was immediately suspicious about the existence of this award so wanted to confirm its existence.

Having scoured the internet I could find nothing regarding a Royal Commendation that was associated with the police.

Statements from Bart’s LinkedIn profile

The only thing that comes up on Google for a Royal Commendation can be seen in the following screenshot. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a fictitious medal awarded for merit in Star Wars!


Having asked a few ex and currently serving police officers if they had ever heard of this award, none had.

So I messaged the police force where Bart worked. They told me they couldn’t give me the information I was looking for and recommended I submit a Freedom of Information request.

In that request I explained I had learnt someone had been awarded a Royal Commendation whilst serving as a police officer on their force a few years ago. I asked what it was awarded for.


I initially found it odd the police wouldn’t give me this information. Surely there’s no breach of confidentiality telling me what an award is given for. Unless of course it doesn’t exist.

Bart also states in his LinkedIn profile he received another award for merit whilst in police school. I also asked about that.

The police were happy to tell me about an award that was given for long service but wouldn’t say anything about a Royal Commendation or the “student’s student award” awarded during training.

I’m a pretty good sleuth and believe they wouldn’t give me that information because having said someone had told me they’d received these awards, if the police confirmed to me that it didn’t exist they would in effect be telling me Bart was lying. Somewhere along the line that’s likely to be a breach of trust/confidentiality.

Therefore they said they were not able to share this information because it involved a third party.

I have since had a conversation with someone who served on the same police force as Bart a couple of years after he left. He messaged me after I asked about the awards on social media. He too had never heard of either of them.

Lana’s Investigation Continued

In this section I’m returning to the outcome of the initial investigation carried out by Cabin Crew Manager Lana into the grievance raised against me by Bart.

The following screenshots come from minutes taken during his meeting with her;


This point relates to the naughty cartoon I showed T and Ven on the bus to the airport in Atlanta. So Anna is laughing uncomfortably as she watched it but then says this in her witness statement. Read point 22.

From minutes taken during Bart’s meeting with Lana

None of the crew were spoken to throughout the entire investigation. It’s clear from his response Bart was being asked about his engagement with customers. The only thing he mentions is he helped someone out by giving them a battery. Why didn’t he mention any of these incidents which are far better examples;

J Class – First Class
From Bart’s complaint

Customer Relations confirmed to me there were no customers by the name of Mark or Jason sitting anywhere in First Class.

Bart mentions the name Mark twice, once in reference to Mark and Jason and again when he talks about Mark and Iris.

There was a lady by the name of Pam sitting in Premium. I forgot to ask whether there was an Iris in First Class. The company could have done that as part of their investigation into whether Bart was lying. They didn’t because they had no interest in establishing that.

Bart undoubtedly has an excellent memory yet seems to have forgotten about these three encounters which if true, would have demonstrated pretty good customer engagement.

The battery incident is a nothing. Most cabin crew are more than happy to help customers out by lending or giving them things. Giving someone a battery because you have a spare really is the very minimum you can do to help someone out. I once lent someone my glasses for a few hours because they had lost theirs and wanted to read. I’ve also allowed people to make calls and send texts from my phone many times.

Being the narcissist that he is, Bart believes nobody could possibly be as kind as him. Afterall he is regularly told his customer engagement is “exceptional and one of the best ever seen onboard.” Yet as someone who takes huge pride in the standard of service delivered by members of my team, I saw nothing that stood out despite working alongside him on two long sectors.


This next allegation demonstrates like so much else, what a farce this investigation was.

In Anna’s witness statement she refers to Bart and me by our surnames. In the screenshot below CM (crew member) is Bart and FSM (FM Flight Manager) is me.

The Gatehouse – Cabin Crew Check in Area

I didn’t say I did not “deliberately” ignore Bart. I said I didn’t ignore him because none of the incidents he mentions happened.

Regarding the encounter in the hotel corridor Anna says they were on their way to have drinks with the crew. By this she means they were going to T’s room for pre-dinner drinks. Having been ignored by me not once but twice according to Bart’s complaint although Anna seems to have forgotten about the second occurence, they said nothing about what allegedly happened to anyone when they arrived.

Out of nine witness statements nobody was aware of me ignoring or excluding anyone at any time. Seems a bit odd considering Bart and Anna allege I ignored them both for the entire trip and give several examples. I didn’t even know they knew each other let alone were engaged to be married.

Bart did not try to say “hello” when we checked out the hotel. This comes from his complaint;

From Bart’s complaint

According to Lana’s LinkedIn page she has a degree in criminology and sociology. I find that incredulous. Although a vast subject, sociology includes the study of human social relationships and deviant behaviour. Yet she failed to recognise a narcissist and pathological liar when she came face to face with one. She also failed to see similar traits in his fiancée.

Despite proving Anna and Bart told nothing but lies, Lana still believes the incident in the corridor “may” have happened.

In thirty years of employment with this airline I didn’t have a single complaint on my file regarding unpleasant, unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour towards another employee.

In the outcome to her investigation Lana says “I accept this may have happened but cannot say if it was intentional.” She then says it should be a learning for me to pay attention to my team.

Whilst writing this last paragraph I looked at Lana’s LinkedIn page because I wanted to check I got it right and she did have a degree in criminology and sociology. When I saw her latest post I could not believe what I was reading.


Unsurprisingly Lana blocked me and turned comments for this post off. The post is still visible but all comments are hidden.

What Hayley says shows just how little she knows about mental health. Does she really think we all walk around looking sombre and miserable?

Nobody I ever flew with would have any idea what I was dealing with. I always came across as a happy and outgoing person. I believe it’s called “putting on a front.” Very few people and especially men who struggle with mental health want others to know what they’re going through.

The truth is you will rarely be aware of what someone is dealing with. I ONLY told the company what was going on in my life because I had to. I would have preferred for them not to know.

I would also have preferred not share some of the most intimate details of my life in a blog. However this is a story that really needs to be told.

Being at work made me happy. I loved my time on the aircraft and loved my time downroute. My days of going out drinking and partying were long gone but I was sociable and believe I was generally liked.

Following the disciplinary meeting carried out by Hayley I shared a letter with her from a clinical psychologist who I had been seeing. He confirmed it was unlikely I would touch anyone inappropriately.

She was aware of my struggles with mental health because we had spoken whilst I was off sick with stress following the first investigative meeting with Lana.


At the time of sending her that WhatsApp message I was in a deep state of depression.

Hayley upheld every complaint against me. The evidence I submitted proved without doubt Bart was lying and that he and his fiancée had colluded with four other crew members.

Hayley also believed she knew better than a doctor of clinical psychology.

She even upheld one complaint that had already been dismissed.

I am not saying because I was struggling with my mental health that Bart’s complaint should not have been investigated. Nor am I saying complaints should not have been upheld were they to be valid. As it happens not one single complaint he made against me was valid as factual evidence has proven.

There was something very sinister going on here. Despite providing more than five hundred pages of evidence virtually nothing I said was believed. A second grievance was also taken out against me whilst the first matter was still ongoing.

Having asked Hayley in writing to be mindful about when she sent me the outcome of her investigation, it was sent three hours after I landed from a flight. That was a frighteningly dark day and ruined the memories of what had been three wonderful days.

In response to my request she said;

“In terms of the outcome letter I am always mindful of flying duties and intend to send the outcome by email after I have reviewed your roster.”

Anyone who has ever flown as cabin crew would never send the outcome of a grievance investigation on landing day. Unless all allegations were being dismissed.

Despite being a crew line manager she has zero understanding of what’s it’s like to be cabin crew. According to what she said she looked at my roster, saw I was landing from the company’s inaugural flight to Tel Aviv and decided that was an appropriate time to send me the outcome of her investigation. I had nine days off before my next trip.

Ironically one of the complaints she upheld was that I didn’t give consideration as to how Bart may feel when I sent him his performance appraisal.

I was told I couldn’t be sure he was rested or in a good place at the time he opened it. It was sent more than twenty four hours after we landed.

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