Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 7

Table of Contents

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 6

Page 1 – A Royal Commendation
Page 1 – Lana’s Investigation Continued
Page 2 – More from Lana’s Investigation
Page 3 – Yet More from Lana’s Investigation
Page 4 – Almost Finished but not Quite
Page 5 – That’s It for This Chapter

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 8 (TBA)

That’s It for This Chapter


From Claire’s witness statement

From Mia’s statement

So Mia was aware of a video being played but was not aware of what it was or who it was yet knew the cabin crew were “discusted”. Were that to be true she would be referring to the video shown by the First Officer of a swearing reindeer using the C word.

Despite him showing this video to me, others sitting behind me watched it and there was plenty of laughter. It was not sent to me so I never replayed it.

I doubt very much anyone would be disgusted watching a naughty gay Christmas cartoon that was actually very funny.

This screenshot comes from Lottie’s statement. She was sitting right behind me on the bus. T and Ven were sitting behind her, Anna and Bart were across the aisle from them.

From Lottie’s statement

This screenshot comes from Katrina’s witness statement. Bear in mind throughout her statement Anna talks about Bart being sad and unhappy because of the way I treated him on both sectors and during our layover in Atlanta.

Bart says he felt bullied and intimidated by me on both sectors and on the inbound had never started a flight “so low on morale and demotivated”.

Upon arrival at the hotel in Atlanta Anna says she “went out of her way” to speak with me because she “would never leave anyone out over the holiday season.”

From Katrina’s witness statement

The next extract comes from Ven’s statement. We had never met prior to this flight so he knows nothing about my character. Having shown him and T the cartoon after they asked what I was laughing at whilst I was watching it on my iPhone, BOTH asked me for a copy. It was airdropped to them. T confirms this in his witness statement.

From Ven’s witness statement

From T’s witness statement

T states I was repeating the content back regarding the video. The first video which was the naughty cartoon had no dialogue. Bart says I was commenting on it whilst playing it to T and Ven. That would have been difficult considering the screen was facing away from me.

The second video of the swearing reindeer was shown to me by the First Officer. It was the first time I had seen it and it did make me laugh. I did find the video slightly offensive but didn’t say anything. There was plenty of laughter coming from behind me. I certainly didn’t repeat anything back.

The limit of my swearing stretches to “bloody”, I rarely ever use the C word.

We’re all adults including the Captain of the aircraft. Nobody asked the First Officer to stop playing the video because it was offensive. So offensive that Bart and Anna completely forgot about it. How very convenient.

The video I sent to T and “some other crew” was the cartoon. It was sent to him and Ven.

T may have been aware some people weren’t impressed by the reindeer video but I wasn’t. That was because I was sat at the front and was facing forwards when it played. T was sat in front of the back row. Most of the crew were sitting in front or adjacent to him.

Bart and Anna say nothing in their statement about this video because it was played on the First Officer’s phone.

From Peter’s statement

Peter and Mia are best friends. Both state crew found the video disgusting. Lottie, Claire and Katrina were unaware of any video being played. Ven doesn’t mention it (the reindeer video). T doesn’t say he found it disgusting and considering the video of himself that he uploaded to Instagram, I can’t imagine he’d find it disgusting either.

It was being played by the First Officer. The Captain who was sitting adjacent to him was laughing as it played. So that just leaves the two crew members who didn’t return their witness statement.

I’m pretty certain Bruce would not have found it offensive and can’t say what the other female crew member thought of it.

Mia says “the CC (cabin crew) were discusted with it what I can remember”. Peter says “some crew found is disgusting and inappropriate”. With Bruce sitting across the aisle from me and Peter and Mia sitting with their companions in the back row of the bus, neither would have heard any comment that Bruce may or may not have made.

So the only person who could have commented on it was the female crew member who didn’t return her statement. That’s one crew member. I’m assuming Anna and Bart both found it offensive but they seem to have forgotten about it completely so we don’t for sure. Quite surprising considering everything they remembered about me over a three day period.

To close this chapter I’m going to finish with some light entertainment. This is the second of two paragraphs in which Anna speaks about the naughty gay cartoon.

From Anna’s witness statement

What Anna describes in her statement allegedly took place whilst I was showing T and Ven the video. Therefore Bruce would not have been able to see it because he was sat across the aisle from me. Katrina and Claire were sitting in front of him behind the Captain. The First Officer was sitting in front of me.

Lottie was sat behind me but says she was unaware of any video. That’s because I was holding my phone beyond her line of sight and she was preoccupied. So the only people who could have been laughing nervously or turning away in disgust were Mia, Peter and the crew member who didn’t return her statement. There’s nobody else left.

In Bart’s complaint he says Ven (who’s gay) and Anna laughed nervously as they watched the video. Peter is also gay but knows very little about either video.

Mia was aware of a video playing but was sitting behind Anna. From what she says she wasn’t laughing nervously and didn’t turn away in disgust. Funny how Peter, Mia and Anna all use the word disgusting/disgust.

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