Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 7

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Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 6

Page 1 – A Royal Commendation
Page 1 – Lana’s Investigation Continued
Page 2 – More from Lana’s Investigation
Page 3 – Yet More from Lana’s Investigation
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Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 8

Yet More from Lana’s Investigation


The Crew Performance Management data Lana refers to is the performance review completed on Bart by Katrina. I assume she also checked the Voice of Customer post flight questionnaires. Katrina scored Bart 10/10 for both sectors and in the two Voice of Customer questionnaires that were completed the First Class crew were scored “excellent”.

Of course it was an error the customer was missed out during breakfast. A crew member wouldn’t miss someone out on purpose. Lana says it’s impossible to have attributed the error to Bart when there were other operating crew too.

The customer was sitting on the side of the aircraft Bart was responsible for serving. When the customer complained to me about not being served he said Bart had woken him up for breakfast, converted his bed but didn’t go back to serve him.

In his statement Bart claimed Katrina and Claire had been helping him on his aisle which is why the customer was missed. Claire says nothing about that in her witness statement and was busy serving her own customers.

From Bart’s complaint

On this aircraft three crew work in the aisles in First Class. Each one is responsible for serving all customers on their side (left, middle or right). If one crew member finishes before another they will help elsewhere in the cabin.

What Bart says is just another of his many lies but ironically it’s actually the truth. He didn’t ask Katrina for help but should have because he wasn’t able to cope with all his customers wanting breakfast. Yet this is someone who wanted to work up as Purser!

The way he did the service meant he had seventeen people suddenly all waiting to be served. That’s exactly why we wake a couple of people up at a time, serve them breakfast and then move on to the next two.

When I saw Bart was so far behind his colleagues I asked Katrina to help him. That meant she was taken away from what she was supposed to be doing. I have to do breakfast in Premium so can’t help in First Class.

No crew member would ever ask the Purser to help them with breakfast because everyone on their side was eating. If you do the service as it’s supposed to be done it works perfectly well.

When I asked Bart if he knew why the customer had not been served he couldn’t explain what happened. I wasn’t blaming him, I was trying to establish what had taken place. I would at least have expected him to apologise to the customer but he didn’t.

When the customer returned to his seat Katrina went to speak with him. They sat chatting for some time.

Most if not all of Bart’s lies would have been exposed had someone spoken to Katrina, Claire and Lottie.

When I spoke with Bart about what happened at breakfast Katrina was present. She told me she had only served the back three rows (16, 15 and 14K). When I asked her to help him serve breakfast I said start at the back and work forwards. This customer was in 8K.

Despite all this evidence Lana still says it’s impossible to attribute the error to Bart. Lottie’s statement was very detailed and said nothing about her helping him with the service at any time. She does say she was working in the opposite aisle.

Lana goes on to say I should have addressed this matter with him and it should have been “positioned” as a conversation. Like the conversation I had with him in the presence of Katrina to ask if he knew why the customer had been missed out? The conversation in which I then explained how the service should be done correctly.

The incident was documented on my iPad for the attention of Customer Relations because I compensated the customer.

Regarding her assessment of the touching allegation, Lana states in the meeting with Bart he explained I touched him below his back from behind with my hands (I couldn’t have done it with my feet!) when I wanted to move him over. I didn’t use any words and didn’t say anything (is that not the same thing?). It made him feel uncomfortable.

Bart should not be working in an environment where you constantly have to move colleagues out the way to get get by.

The following screenshot comes from minutes taken during his meeting with Lana.


This “fairly confident individual” (as stated in his complaint) and ex police officer of eight years didn’t feel able to ask me not to touch his hips. He also didn’t feel able to ask me not to touch his fiancee’s hips!

Having been asked in witness statements about my physical touching the only crew member to mention being touched in this way was Anna. Lottie, Claire, Katrina, Mia and T were unaware of anyone being touched inappropriately as were the Captain and First Officer.

When asked about my physical touching Peter stated I had been “quite physical on a few occasions” with Mia yet that’s not what she says in her own witness statement.

You would have thought Bart would have mentioned my inappropriate behaviour whilst criticising my ability every time I left the galley as stated in T’s witness statement.

From Lana’s investigation. Bear in mind she has a degree in criminology.

From Anna’s witness statement. FSM – FM Flight Manager

Katrina, Claire and Lottie were all unaware of how Bart looked and felt despite working alongside him on two long sectors. Mia and T were also unaware of it despite working in the same cabin as him during the dinner service. Mia worked immediately alongside Bart on the same aisle.

Ven was unable to confirm he had seen me or was even aware of me touching anyone at any time despite accusing me of squeezing his waist. He worked out of the same galley as me, Bart, Lottie, Katrina and Claire.

According to witness statements not a single crew member except for Anna noticed any unusual behaviour between Bart and I.

From Bart’s witness statement

At the end of her witness statement Katrina invited the company to speak with her should they have any further questions. Nobody contacted her or anyone else after witness statements had been received.


In Ven’s witness statement he says the First Class service (on the inbound flight) took four hours. I proved he was lying. It took three hours which is already much longer than normal on a night flight. Our flight time was seven hours five minutes. Had the meal service taken four hours it would not have been possible for the crew to have an hour each in the bunks. The breakfast service begins ninety minutes before landing.

During the flight I took some photos to send to the catering department. We had recently been told you could take photos with the iPad which could be uploaded to the catering report. That made it easier for the catering department when we reported problems.

When I transferred them to my P.C which I did whilst compiling my defence, I discovered they had the time on them. Having found out the flight time, the time we took off and landed and knowing the crew had a break of one hour in the bunks in two shifts, I was able to work out how long the meal service had taken.

One of the photos showed the galley crew member in the background tidying up after the service. I could therefore pinpoint fairly accurately what time it finished.


I was photographing the menu menu because the dessert that had been loaded was different to what it should have been.

Just to the right is a photo I took of Katrina and Claire in the carpark after we landed back home. I’ve masked their faces for privacy but they’re both smiling broadly and waving at the camera.

During the flight we had been speaking about a flight they had done recently with a friend of mine. They said you must tell him we flew together. I said let me take a photo of you both to send to him.

So despite what T, Ven, Bart and Anna say in their statements about me not giving Katrina any support and leaving her to get on with it on her own, we actually got along very well.

Evidence from several witness statements including Katrina’s confirmed I was very supportive and worked as hard as everyone else.

Everyone was saying goodbye to each other as we left the bus in the car park. Despite saying goodbye to Anna and Bart they both ignored me.

From Ven’s witness statement

Contrary to Ven’s lies I would never have said I had inexperienced staff in First Class because that wasn’t true. I would never refer to cabin crew as staff and despite Ven’s use of speech marks to quote what I allegedly said, I knew exactly why the service had taken so long.

His use of the word “inexperienced” demonstrates further proof of collusion with Bart.

Bruce who was in the galley had been with the company for several years. Claire had flown with another airline for thirty years so may have been new to the company but wasn’t inexperienced as a crew member.

Katrina was anything but inexperienced but was working in a rank she was unfamiliar with. Lottie was very experienced.

The only inexperienced crew member who I now believe had never worked in that cabin before was Bart. He was the cause of many of the problems and the rest were caused by the chaotic manner in which the galley was being run.

In Lottie’s statement she says I said the service was slow because Katrina and the galley were not organised. The conversation was not quite as straightforward as that. As she confirms in her statement I was encouraging her to go for promotion. I therefore spoke privately to her about why I felt the service had taken so long and been so chaotic.

During that conversation I explained what the role of Purser involved. I said the Purser must lead and direct the service instead of just being an extra pair of hands. Where that doesn’t happen things can potentially go wrong which they did.



The version of events given by Bart, Anna and Mia all varied. Bart says Anna witnessed the comment yet she claims I made the comment to her after she “allegedly” invited me to join them “for drinks before our Christmas meal“. So by that she means the pre-dinner drinks in Tommy’s hotel room with her, Bart, Ven, Mia, Peter, Bruce another crew member plus the two travelling companions.

In Bart’s statement he says the crew member who spoke to me (who was seemingly Anna) asked if I was coming down for the drinks/food laid on by the hotel. That refers to the open bar that accompanied the buffet dinner.

From Bart’s witness statement

From Anna’s witness statement.
OBM – Onboard Manager.

So Bart didn’t have a good rapport with me nor did Anna. Bear in mind she worked at the opposite end of the aircraft to Bart and I in Economy. The flight was less than half full, she’d had two hours in the bunks and I hadn’t really spoken with her for any length of time. Yet out of the blue when she “allegedly” invited me to join her and her friends for pre-dinner drinks I replied “no, I’m going for a tommy tank” or as Bart puts it, “I’m going for a tommy tank first”.

I mean really, you just couldn’t make this rubbish up. It’s quite pathetic. I’m a man in my 50’s and this utter nonsense cost me my job with a company I’d been with for thirty years.

Remember we had a cockney lad on the crew called Tommy who just a few months later posted a video on his Instagram page of himself masturbating.

From my defence

From Mia’s witness statement

The free Christmas drinks refers to the open bar at dinner. After we finished eating some of the crew from the other table asked if we wanted to go to a karaoke bar with them. It was about 9:30pm.

The alleged conversation referred to by Bart and Anna took place some seven hours earlier.

I believe Anna told Mia to say I made the comment when she invited me to join them for pre-dinner drinks. Mia wouldn’t have been aware of that conversation because it didn’t take place. She therefore got confused about what she was supposed to say when she wrote her statement. She only remembered something about “drinks.”

What she says is very similar to what Bart says in his statement apart from where and when the conversation took place. This is what happens when people lie.

Why didn’t she just say “we invited Laurence to a Karaoke bar after dinner” because that’s what happened. Instead she said “after our free Christmas drinks”. The open bar was a temporary unit that had been set up adjacent to the tables we were sitting at for dinner.

Having ordered a drink we sat at our respective tables and started eating. More than two hours later some of the crew from the other table invited us to go to the Karaoke bar. So it would have been logical for Mia to say “we invited Laurence to come with us to a karaoke bar after dinner”.

This is what the Head of Cabin Crew said in the outcome of her investigation;


I was never alone at any time with Bart, Anna and Mia in the hotel lobby. I was standing with Lottie, Katrina, Claire, Tommy, the Captain and First Officer. Bart, Anna, Mia plus other members of the crew were standing behind us with the two companions.

The following screenshots from witness statements include the only comments regarding what took place during dinner.

From Lottie’s statement

From Bart’s complaint. Only Claire and Katrina went with them to the Karaoke bar.

From Claire’s statement

I wasn’t going to include any of Crew Manager Hayley’s statement here but this section is worth reading!

From Hayley’s investigation. The black mark at the top covers the company name on the letterhead of the paper. The text on several pages had been printed over the letterhead.

The three crew members Hayley is referring to are Bart, Anna and Mia. The Head of Cabin Crew said Anna and other crew members found the comment offensive. Only Anna said that. Ex police officer Bart said he didn’t feel it was appropriate language for a manager whilst Mia said the comment was unnecessary. Nobody else makes any reference to it.

Here’s the full story of what happened regarding the tommy tank comment. In this link you’ll also get the opportunity to meet cockney crew member Tommy who worked up as Purser in Economy.

Just before closing this page let me show you something else.

Anna said she felt uncomfortable with my alleged use of the words tommy tank. The following comes from her FB page. It was published whilst the company were looking at who was going to be made redundant in response to Covid;


Further confirmation of what what a vile degenerate Miss prim and proper really is.

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