Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 6

Table of Contents

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 5

Page 1 – Outcome of Lana’s Investigation
Page 2 – An Aircraft Called Emmeline Heaney
Page 3 – Profile of a Narcissist
Page 4 – Anna’s Witness Statement
Page 5 – Our Standards Policy

Being Cabin Crew | The Ugly Truth Part 7

Profile of a Narcissist

This next point relates to something I addressed with Bart in his performance review. In his initial complaint to his manager he wrote;

Voice of Customer Questionnaires are sent to customers after their flight

He then said in his actual grievance ” I am now aware this comment says hostess and could not have been me”.

Read what we both wrote and then I’ll explain why he’s getting confused. When I responded to Bart’s complaint I changed the colour of the text to red. His response is in green and blue.

VoC – Voice of Customer. Iris and Mark were apparently two customers in Upper Class.

The reason Bart gets confused is because in the email I sent after the flight to the crew working in Economy, I said;


Anna who was Bart’s fiancée was one of those crew. So he read the email I sent to her in which I used the word “stewardess” and that confused him. In his performance review I didn’t use the word “stewardess”, I just said “the respective crew member”. I also said the customer was not being looked after by Bart.

He even makes a point of saying the comment states specifically “hostess”. He can’t even get that right!

The fury this narcissist was feeling was off the scale. How dare someone as menial as me criticise his performance.

Here’s what crew manager Lana says in response to this part of his complaint;


So Lana had to “explain to Bart” the comment I made was not targeting him but could see why he felt it was. I really don’t get it, I could not have made it any clearer the comment was not aimed at him!

Bart claims on his LinkedIn profile to have “excellent communication and leadership skills, international management experience and is educated to Masters Degree level.” He also says he received a Royal Commendation whilst serving as a police officer. I’ll talk about that in the next chapter. Yet he doesn’t seem to be able to grasp something that could not have been written any clearer.

In my pre-flight briefing I ask the crew to engage with customers. A crew member wasn’t doing that and it was mentioned by a customer in their post flight questionnaire. Having observed Bart wasn’t engaging with his customers and was instead just methodically serving them, I mention the comment made by the customer who was sitting in Economy to demonstrate the importance of engaging with people. Bart worked one sector in Premium and the other in First Class.

Crew manager Lana then says it was a poor choice of words and there are learnings for me which she will share with my manager. I’m sorry but I really don’t get it.

Moving on to the next point;


I’m glad that after nineteen years of being a Flight Manager I can be trusted to make the right decision regarding who’s suitable to work up in a supervisory position and who’s not.

This is the last point that refers to the outbound sector of our flight. This is what all of this was really all about. Before I had even met Bart he was irritated at not having been given the opportunity to work up. He therefore took an instant dislike to me, not the other way around.

What infuriated him even more was that Katrina had only been in the company for a couple of months longer than him. He was the second most junior crew member on the flight and had no previous flying experience.

That’s why he looked at the floor throughout the briefing. It’s probably also the reason why he felt he could take orders on the ground during the short delay instead of after take-off. He didn’t think anyone would notice. He probably also thought it would make him look more efficient when it “appeared” after take-off that he had finished taking his orders before his two colleagues.

It was definitely the reason he ignored me when I asked him to clear rubbish in during the flight.

Having then addressed further issues with him on our inbound flight to London and then having written a performance appraisal, it was too much for this big-headed narcissist to cope with.

Having learnt I touched crew member Ven’s ankle whilst playing a joke on him, he came up with the malicious allegations of inappropriate touching. He then colluded with several crew members to ensure they supported his lies. Fortunately for him most of the crew with whom he colluded were friends outside of work.

Although Ven didn’t know any of the crew when he arrived for the flight he was more than happy to support Bart. He was also aggrieved at not being allowed to work up. He was told he would be working up as Purser when called on standby but I changed his working position before he arrived at the aircraft.

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